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Thursday, December 17, 2009


What's HSBB?

High Speed Broadband (HSBB) is a broadband service that offers bandwidth delivered at network speeds of 10Mbps and above. Unlike normal broadband connections which deliver bandwidth at network speeds ranging between 256kbps and 4Mbps, basic HSBB packages will eventually allow Malaysians to experience high speed Internet of up to 100 times faster than the usual rate while business will be able to have maximum speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps (1Gbps).

HSBB will initially be deployed via DSL in the Klang Valley, Iskandar Malaysia and key industrial zones throughout the country. It is expected that 1.3 million premises will have the ability to access HSBB coverage by end 2012.


The government sees HSBB as playing a vital role to maintain and enhance Malaysia’s competitive economic position in the region. Global trends indicate that governments around the developed and developing world are employing HSBB as an economic accelerator and in the highly charged competitive Asia-Pacific region where nations compete intensely for foreign direct investment (FDI), HSBB can be a differentiating factor for nations to entice such FDI to their shores. Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong are the benchmarks in the region and with Singapore to follow suit, Malaysia cannot be left behind. The government has placed high emphasis and its stake on moving the nation towards a k-economy with Information Communications Technology (ICT) at the fulcrum. Initiatives such as the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), High-Tech Parks, Cyberjaya, etc are examples of this drive. Thus, it cannot be overstated, the role that HSBB will play towards this end.

The picture below illustrates the deployment of broadband in Malaysia.

HSBB Project Scope

The HSBB project that TM is undertaking is considered a key infrastructure requirement that will help the nation to enhance its economic competitiveness in the region as well as globally. The explosive growth of technology as well as on-line content and applications has made the requirement for broadband connectivity and bandwidth ever more imperative.

The HSBB project is, an end-to-end project that includes access, core and international capacity building investments which will eventually result in a world-class infrastructure network for the nation.

In a Public-Private Partnership agreement (PPP) between the Government and TM, TM will roll-out the HSBB network over a period of 10 years where the Government will co-invest RM2.4 billion over the initial three year period and TM, RM8.9 billion over the entire 10 year span of the project.

Benefits of HSBB

Digital Lifestyle
With the bandwidth provided by HSBB, a whole new lifestyle experience will open up for Malaysians in terms of providing greater opportunities and access to rich content like never before in entertainment, gaming, education, business, work, health, communications, services and much more.

What will HSBB mean to consumers?

What will HSBB mean to business?

How the user experience is enhanced with HSBB?


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