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Friday, June 26, 2015


This tutorial assumes that we

  • do not care about comercial applications of the seedbox;
  • want to setup a fully functional seedbox with good performance on a separate computer within a home network;
  • dislike the Console/Terminal but not completely;
  • will access our seedbox remotely from a local network from a second or a third computer, or from a remote location outside the local network, for instance, from a university.



  • Install a fresh copy of Ubuntu 10.04 LTE Desktop Homepage | Ubuntu , boot it and play with it. After playing a bit an update window should pop up. Click Update! A system restart will be required after the update.
  • Click the right mouse button on the desktop -> Change Desktop Background -> Visual Effects -> Choose None. This is actually a crucial step because VNC Viewer does not support visual effects from a remote connection, therefore it will not work.
  • Click System -> Preferences -> Remote Desktop. Enable Allow other users to view desktop, Allow other users to control desktop. Disable You must confirm each access to this machine. Enable Require user to enter this password (type in a password you like).
  • Go to your Home folder. You will find some default folders there. Leave them there and create another folder and name it Torrent Downloads. Since downloads from various programs goes into Downloads by default, we do not want to create mess, so we will use a separate folder for torrent downloads.

Friday, March 20, 2015

1. Acoustica Basic Edition

Acoustica is a beautifully designed, comprehensive audio editor built for recording, editing, mixing, mastering and batch-processing.
Most of the features are available with the free edition, but the multitrack editing, offline analytics tools, certain audio effects and audio restoration funcations are behind a paywall.
The Standard version costs $39.90; the Premium is $119.90. Click here for a full list of features and their respective prices.

2. Audacity

Audacity is a great open-source audio recording and editing program compatible with most operating systems. The software lets you record live audio through a mixer or microphone; you can also import MP3, WAV, AIFF and OGG file formats -- then, digitize previous recordings, edit them and export.
It comes with an array of effects, from Equalization to Bass Boost, and lets you remove superfluous background noise.
There are keyboard shortcuts to optimize your workflow, too. And the best part? It comes with automatic crash recovery.

3. AudioTool

AudioTool is a great beat-making app, similar to GarageBand. It has a simple, visually pleasing interface, and lets you create complex audio arrangements with more than 14 effects.
AudioTools also has a helpful Wiki page that teaches you how to perform actions; for example, how to set up your MIDI controller or use the Splitter tool. When you're finished making a beat, export the audio as an MP3 file.
Check it out in the Chrome Web Store.

4. Tunekitten Audio Editor

Tunekitten Audio Editor is a lightweight audio app that lets you cut tracks and apply basic effects, like fade-in and fade-out. It's non-destructive, so you can undo and redo your edits repeatedly. You can also input various file formats, including AVI, MP3, OGG and WAV files. You can't, however, record audio directly through the program.
The app is powered entirely by JavaScript, so no Flash required. However, some user reviews report problems with crashing.

5. MP3 Cutter

MP3 Cutter is an audio cutter. In other words, it helps you edit down MP3 files into small audio snippets. Once you've edited the clip, export it as an MP3, WAV or OGG file.

6. MP3Gain

MP3Gain isn't a complete editing program, but it does provide an essential audio service. As with most normalizers, you can peak normalization, so you're not constantly adjusting the volume of tracks.
What makes it superior to other normalizers is that it also lets you statistically analyze how loudly your files sound to the human ear. It adjusts the MP3 file directly, so there's no quality lost through decoding and re-coding.

7. Audio Joiner

Audio Joiner is a great app for combining several songs onto a single track. The app lets you cross-fade tracks and adjust certain intervals. There's no limit to the number of songs you combine, and it's compatible with a number of file formats, including MP3, M4A and WAV. It runs entirely online, too, so there's no need to download anything.

8. Reaper

Reaper is a compact, downloadable digital audio workstation. Using it, you can record, arrange, edit, mix, layer and render audio. It's non-destructive, so you can undo and redo edits without corrupting your file.
Reaper is compatible with almost all operating systems; however, you can only use the editor while connected to the Internet. The free trial period lasts for 30 days, but after that, it's $50 or $225, depending on the plan.

9. WavePad

WavePad is free for non-commercial use -- something it reminds you whenever you open the program. It has a clean, modern interface and supports a wide array of file formats. It additionally has a text-to-speech module, lets you rip and burn CDs and comes with tons of editing effects and batch-processing.

10. WaveShop

WaveShop is an audio editor for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista. The program's claim to fame is its "bit-perfect" audio editor, which doesn't alter audio samples unless they absolutely need to be changed. When you edit a portion of a file, only that portion will be adjusted -- the rest remins unaffected.
WaveShop supports most file formats, including AAC/MP4, MP3, FLAC and OGG/Vorbis. It allows for non-destructive editing, fade-in and -out and audio file format conversion. Additionally, you'll find an extensive support page.

11. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is a Windows-only application that lets you record, render and mix audio. The file is extremely small, taking up only 225 KB of storage, but still boasts some of the best features for editing. You can change the bit rates of files, convert file formats, normalize and apply other edits to audio files; plus, the editing process is non-destructive, so you can easily undo and redo any changes.
It's compatible with other downloadable software additions and plugins, too.

12. Fission

Fission is a freemium app exclusively for Macs. Using it, you can crop, trim, paste and join audio files. Fission doesn't decode and re-code files, so you don't lose any quality when making adjustments. It also supports file conversion, so you can rapidly export or batch-convert files to the MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC, AIFF, and WAV formats.

13. Nero WaveEditor

Nero WaveEditor is an audio processing tool for basic editing and recording. It accommodates AC3,AIF, AIFF, MP3, WMA, MP4, OGG, WAV, WAVE and NWF files. It also allows for non-destructive processing.

Credit: http://mashable.com

Monday, March 2, 2015

Wanting to buy your own house and being financially capable of doing so are two different things.

While banks and financial institutes exist to help you make big purchases like this, it does not mean you throw caution to the wind and plunge you and your family into a long cycle of debt.

If you think you are ready to buy a property though, there are several questions you must ask yourself first. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the most important ones;

1. Your financial situation:

It’s simple really. If you don’t have the money or the means to pay the bank back every month and live comfortably at the same time, then you are financially unable to own your property. Buying property is something you plan years for and this will include immense savings and a functional budget worked out. You must account for things like taxes, insurances, maintenances, upkeeps and market fluctuations.

2. Down payment: 

The down payment amounts vary on the type of loan you pick up. A first-time home buyer’s down payment will be different from someone buying their third property for example. There are also loan-set up fees, agent fees, home inspections and other miscellaneous fees that you are expected to cover on your own and with cash. Preparing for this is important.

3. Stable income:

Buying and sustaining your property when you lack a full time job with a stable income is a dangerous thing to do. Unless you are certain that you can fall back on a stable monthly pay check, you should delay any thought towards purchasing property.
4. Debts:
Being in debt is a cultural trend. There are very few people in the world that can safely say they lead a debt free life. From buying cars to shopping on credit cards, we constantly enter ourselves in a cycle of earning, loaning and paying back cash. However, as long as your debts are under control and you are comfortably living while paying them back, only then should you entertain thoughts about property buying. Buying a home arguably creates the biggest debt so being in control of your finances is essential.

5. Contingency plan & fund:
A backup plan and extra money to serve as a cushion against sudden setbacks is a necessary requirement. You should not put all eggs in the basket so to speak, instead squirrel sufficient cash away for a rainy day.

Source: propertyguru.com.my

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#1 Come up from behind and kiss her 

Probably one of the most underrated affectionate gestures of all time. But, there's no reason she should have to ask that this happens at every single opportunity




#2 Give her foot rubs

Women by nature are maternal and caring. So chances of her putting out affectionate and catering energy more than her man is high. Even the score. Grab her feet when you see her sitting/laying down and make them feel better than they did before you touched them.

#3 Random back massages

She works hard, loves harder. Make it worth her while.

#4 Pause the TV when she needs to talk

Not everything requires you to stop everything you're doing to listen but if something's on her mind or bothering her, put that higher on the priority list than your video game/TV show.

#5 Respect her privacy

Don't go through her phone, her purse, her email, etc. Nothing wrong with a relationship of transparency, but snooping around her stuff won't make your trust issues go away and shows lack of respect

#6 Cook for her sometime

Yeah, she gets hungry too ya know?

#7 Tell other women he's taken

Every man has to face temptation. You're not going through anything unique because women occasionally hit on you. But you should be the first one to set the record straight that you're off limits. Nip it in the bud, every time whether your woman is present or not.

#8 Clean up around the house

Cleaning up, at minimum, behind yourself, shows that you respect your things. If you have a woman that keeps the house clean, then helping out shows you value her hard work to do so.

#9 Protect and defend her honor

Particularly against people you knew before her and all men, see to it that your woman is never disrespected or made to feel uncomfortable by anyone.

 #10 Be in the children's life more than just financially (but that part too)

You can't feed a child a father's love, but you can't love that child with money alone. She shouldn't have to ask/beg you to show up and spend time with your child.

Monday, February 9, 2015

SCM Music Player is a free and open source web music player, that brings a seamless music experience to your website. Support Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly, Tistory and more.
  • Continous Playback Cross Pages - Seamless playback throughout your website.
  • Full Featured Control - Play, pause, next, previous, seek, shuffle, repeat mode, volume and more.
  • Custom Skins - Match your look and feel. Choose or design your own skin with CSS.
  • Dynamic Playlist - Music from various sources: MP3, SoundCloud, Youtube, RSS in HTML5 or Flash.
  • Flexible UI - Dockable player on top or bottom. Playlist can be toggled.
  • Setup Wizard - Create your SCM Music Player without any pain.
 For more info -> scmplayer.net

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#1 1. She’s Just a Friend... 

You discover he’s been talking to someone new, who is a female. He hasn’t said anything to you about her before you finding out about her and when you ask him if you can meet her, he objects. It’s because she’s really not a friend, she’s a #girlfriend.

 #2 2. Respect My Privacy. Don’t Touch My Phone...

He doesn’t want you to touch his phone for fear that you will either see #text messages from her or that she will send one just as you pick it up. He may even have pictures of her on his phone.

 #3 3. You Are Cheating on Me, Aren’t You?

Yes, men who cheat will accuse their #partner of cheating. Why? It’s because they start to think, “Well, if I can do it, she could do it too.”
#4 4. You Aren’t Good Enough...

All of sudden he pokes at all of the #things you do wrong and you have no idea what his problem is. He can’t cheat if he loves you or he thinks that you are good to him. So he makes himself believe that you aren’t good enough for him and that’s why he had to turn to someone else. In reality, you are more than good enough

#5 5. I Can do My Own Laundry...

At first, you might think he’s being sweet for helping you out. Unfortunately, he’s doing it so he can hide his soiled pants, perfume smell or some other evidence of his liaison with his lady friend.

#6 6. I Have to Stay after to Catch up on Work...

All of a sudden he has more work than he knows what to do with and he can’t come home when he normally does. It’s because he’s not really at work, instead he’s meeting with his #girlfriend without worry that you’ll catch him.

#7 7. After he is Caught...I Still Love You and Want to Be with You...

He says he loves you and wants to be with you; yet, he strayed and told someone else the same thing. It’s because he wasn’t having the affair because he didn’t love you anymore, he had it because he was disillusioned from reality. 

#8 8. I Didn’t Want to Hurt You...

He’s right, when he went out to have the affair, he wasn’t thinking, “I am going to sleep with this other #woman because I want to hurt her so incredibly bad.” Instead, he did it for his own selfish reasons without giving any thought to how it would hurt you

#9 9. I Don’t Want to Lose You...
In his last attempt to salvage any type of relationship with you, he may blurt out that he doesn’t want to lose you. You might think, “What did you think would happen when you chose to cheat on me?” Again, he never tied sleeping with someone else and losing you together. This may be a complete shock to him that you are actually leaving.

#10 10. She Means Nothing to Me...

She might not mean anything to him or he’s lying. Usually, #men who have affairs may not have wanted to get involved emotionally, but after sleeping with them multiple times, feelings start to develop. So, in most cases, he’s lying that she means nothing to him, what he really means to say is that he doesn’t want her over you.

Source: iamfedup.me

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

When we begin a relationship, we try to be the best version of ourselves. We’re always clean, always shaven and never discuss anything that doesn’t work to enhance the dynamic and cultivate closeness: family, lifelong goals, deepest secrets or what we did during the day.

Nothing creates intimacy, however, like an accidental fart or a severely unshaven vagina.
Nothing makes you realize how much you love your boyfriend or girlfriend than when their gross morning breath somehow isn’t that gross, or when weight gain in particularly unattractive places doesn’t make you cringe.

We’re all human, and we can’t sustain this level of perfection that we all strive to attain in the beginning of our relationships. Eventually, the stuff we worked so hard to keep hidden comes out — literally.

Here’s how you know the love is real.

1. There’s no demanding need to shave.

The beauty of a comfortable relationship is that you only need to shave if you want to. There’s no longer that weird pressure to do so to impress someone.

Sure, lots of us shave for ourselves and not for the pleasure of a man, but long winter months make even the most uptight of ladies lazy.

The last thing any girl wants to do in the winter is spend time in the shower shaving off the scruff keeping her legs and ladybits warm; it just gives the bottom half of her body even more goosebumps on the walk out of the shower.

I mean, is there anything worse than having to emerge from the coziness of a steaming shower when it’s 30 degrees outside? Don’t make it worse by forcing her to remove her natural blanket.

Also, any boyfriend would be a total jerk if he dumped his girlfriend just because she didn’t shave for a month. What if she was just prepping the area for the landing strip she’s crafting for you for your birthday? You’d never know.

2. You fart in front of each other.

Surprise! With a booty comes a bootyhole.
Girls especially like to pretend they don’t fart. They probably spend the first six-to-18 months of a relationship convincing their boyfriends that the only holes they have are their mouths and ladybits.

But one night, you will take her to get Mexican food for your anniversary, you will be having sex and press on her stomach weirdly, or she will be unsuccessful in yet another attempt at trying to hide and blame you for one of the many SBDs she does in front of you — and the inevitable will occur.
Just laugh, OK? There’s no turning back now. You both fart.

3. Poop is discussed in any capacity.

Nobody likes talking about pooping. That kind of talk is reserved for your health-conscious mother when she asks if you’re eating enough fiber, with your doctor at a check-up, and with your closest friends during chats about everyone’s varying levels of constipation.

A new milestone in any relationship is reached when someone mentions his or her bowels, so you know you’ve hit peak comfort level with your boyfriend when you can discuss how much you have to sh*t.

This, along with number 2, is another reminder that girls are human. The guy who wrote that “Everyone Poops” book is a damn genius.

4. Period talk, especially the non-judgmental kind, is acceptable.

Sometimes, it’s necessary.
A girl suffers more than just the obvious bleeding for five days straight when she gets her period. She may become more irritable, impatient, emotional and in need of random foods.

Maybe she doesn’t feel like having sex with you, or maybe her sex drive is out of control. Maybe she looks a little bloated in her crop top. Maybe, mid-hookup, it comes out. In all of these cases, period talk will happen.

A good relationship knows the two key components of acceptable period talk: what kind (if it involves the prospect of period sex or a need for complaining) and when to do it (only if she brings it up — which means never, ever, ask “Jesus, are you on your period?” after a heated conversation).

If conversations about periods occur without your boyfriend wanting to jump off a cliff, consider your relationship golden.

5. You pee with the door open.

If you’re in the middle of a crucial conversation, why end it just because one of you has to pee? Just leave the door open a crack, continue with that thought and let it out. Or, if you’re getting ready to go in the shower together, just sit on the toilet and go.

Before the first time this happens, you’ll probably ask if you could, and your partner will probably give you a nervous, hasty, “Uh, yeah, that’s fine.”

But soon, it won’t matter, and you’ll both get used to the sound.

6. You let him pee in the shower when you shower together.

Girls find the phenomenon of “peeing while standing” incredibly foreign and strange, and they like to keep the idea of showering with you as sexy as possible. Considering these two major thought processes, if she lets you pee in the shower while she’s in it with you, it’s a pretty big deal.

Of course, you’d better turn the f*ck around and make sure she doesn’t actually see anything. Also, for the love of God, make sure it goes in the direction of the drain.

7. Morning breath doesn’t gross you out.

I find it interesting how often people avoid discussing the unsexy parts of a post-hookup sleepover: the smudged makeup that reveals nasty blemishes, the obnoxious snoring, how impossible it is to actually fall asleep and stay asleep, the eye crusties and the morning breath.

Oh, that morning breath.
After a sufficient amount of sleepovers with your significant other, you’ve definitely caught a whiff of their rancid halitosis.

Those luxurious early hours of pre-teeth-brushing morning sex will inevitably begin with traces of putrid breath, especially if your partner is someone who still wears a retainer to sleep.

Soon, however, either you will get used to said morning breath (after all, morning sex involves making out and swapping your morning breath with your partner’s) or you’ll be able to ignore it. Either way, power to you and your relationship.

8. A new hobby involves popping pimples and blackheads.

Girls receive a sick pleasure out of popping pimples and blackheads. They love any kind of beauty routine that promises cleanliness and purity, even if the process is painful.

The ordeal involves washing their face thoroughly, pressing a hot wash cloth onto the face to open pores, and grabbing the nearest silver popping tool. Then, the squeezing begins.

It’s the best.
This kind of event is enjoyable for girls because it is their face, and because all dirt and gunk and whatnot that emerges is from their own bodies.

However, if your girlfriend offers to pop your pimples — that is, willingly come face-to-face with your dirt and gunk — take it as a sign that she finds even the grossest parts of you appealing and worthy of your touch. That’s huge.

9. Sicknesses don’t make kissing off-limits.

He’s oozing boogers. She’s got crusty Pink Eye. You hear the phlegm in his lungs when he coughs. She just puked. But nothing stops you from being with your partner and wanting to take care of him/her — and maybe even get physical.

Sick significant others will likely say things like, “No, I look really gross, stop,” or “There is no way I look cute right now,” to try to prevent you from seeing them (or to guilt you into disagreeing with their self-deprecations and bringing them soup), but you will dispute them.

Even with snot seeping from her nose and dark circles under his eyes, your boyfriend or girlfriend is just as appealing as he or she is in black tie attire.
At least, that’s what you’d better say.

10. Weight gain isn’t a big deal.

In this media-driven, image-obsessed world, we all strive to have the best bodies. Men stuff their faces with protein, women eat carrots, and everyone kills themselves at the gym.

These strategies are effective for the beginning of a relationship, but once you’re deep in one, laziness inevitably sets in.

When you’re in a relationship, you may notice changes in your significant other’s body overtime.
Maybe your arm sits differently on their waist, maybe you notice a pooch forming when you’re naked, or maybe you find you need to buy a bigger sized shirt than last year for this year’s Christmas present.

But weight doesn’t matter. You still remember them exactly how they were when you first met, and you still love them with the extra pounds.

11. Despite all of this, you actually still find your significant other sexy.

This is not a matter of simply tolerating these gross things; it’s a matter of still thinking your partner is incredibly hot regardless of them.

The poops, the weight, the sicknesses, the pimples — nothing can stop your heart from beating and your sexual drive from climbing.

Ten minutes ago, your boyfriend literally Dutch-ovened you with his farts, and now your bra is off and you’re ready to pounce him. How is this possible?

This truly must be what love is.

Source: elitedaily.com


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