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Thursday, January 7, 2021


How to change & Transform yourself?

I struggled to change & transform for years.

1. Being in my comfort zone- it felt secure & comfortable.

2. Resistance to change- this was the real reason. I did not want to change.

3. Payoff- I was getting something by not changing & I was liking it. It had worked for me earlier. Maybe greed.

4. Stuck in patterns- I was stuck in these patterns which I was unable to break. Maybe I never knew how to break them. Self awareness was low.

5. Fear- Fear of failing if I changed myself was holding me back.

As I understood these I slowly began to change myself by:

1. Trying new things & failing in them. As I did that some part of me changed. This changed my relationship with myself.

2. Letting go of my greed & letting others get ahead of me, giving was a beautiful way I figured. This changed my relationship with the world.

3. Finding something I loved to do, I found writing this gave me purpose in my life, something I was lacking. This gave me clarity & started to change the way I saw myself & the world.

4. DOTS (Do One Thing Surely) was the simplest way. This changed the way I committed to myself. I developed character to stick to things.

What is stopping you to transform?



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